Weather Centre 10 Day Forecast

Why trust just one weather forecast?

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My latest app takes its name from the similarity between the app interface, which is made up of translucent black rounded rectangles, and the new iOS 11 Control Centre. Unlike Control Centre, WCForecast’s interface does not make the background blurry when it appears. This makes it easier to see the background images, which depict a different sky depending on the weather.

The main idea that drove development of this app was the way that people often consult multiple weather apps in order to gauge a more general opinion of the weather. I personally use the Apple Weather app (powered by The Weather Channel), the BBC Weather app (powered by the Met Office), and various Weather Underground apps. This doesn’t take a huge amount of time, but it does involve dealing with multiple user interfaces, in apps that may not have saved the same locations I want to search.

I developed this app to reduce the friction when users want to consult multiple sources for weather information.

The initial release of the app uses current weather data from the OpenWeatherMap API, as well as their 5 day (every 3 hours) forecast. My 10 day hourly forecast comes from Apixu, which provides the temperature, condition and icon for all 240 hours. Both these API calls make use of JSON serialisation Swift. Although this app is exclusive to iOS at present, I can never rule out a future C# Android version of anything I make!