Pet Timer

The timer that displays a different pet photo every second!

Forget about all those other timers that lack any semblance of rabbit, puppy or kitten, this timer is where all the pets live!

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Features (some are iOS only):
– Stopwatch mode!
– Change the duration of each photo (in seconds)!
– Change the size of the timer text!
– Landscape or portrait orientation!
– A separate settings screen so bunnies are always full screen!
– Any device, any screen size, even the 12.9 inch iPad Pro!
– Five alert sounds: bell, bike bell, claps, guitar, and bark!

Plus these advanced features exclusive to the paid version:
– 9 different preset colour themes
– 3 custom colour themes
– 5 additional alert sounds: click, beep, pop, meow and sci-fi
– Shuffle photo order option
– A volume slider for your alert sounds
– Notifications so your timer makes a sound even if you accidentally exit the app
– Turn in-app alert sounds on or off
– Control the status bar (on/off, light/dark)