Bunny Mindfulness

Bunny Mindfulness is a mindful breathing app that shows you how long each breath should be! Meditation is relaxing and makes you calm and happy, so why not do it along with a cute bunny?

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  • NO IN-APP PURCHASES: pay once for the app, and never pay again for any feature or update!
  • NO INTERNET REQUIRED: once you’ve downloaded the app, it requires no data connection and sends no information to us!
  • EARN POINTS: every time you complete a meditation exercise, you get points. The longer the exercise, the more points you get!
  • OPTIONAL SOUNDS: control the volume of sounds in the app or turn them off completely!
  • ANIMATED BREATHING BUNNY: The bunny’s tummy fills up as it breaths in and empties when it breathes out!
  • PROGRESS BAR: the progress bar shows how much time is left in the exercise, depending on how many cycles you choose at what difficulty level!
  • STORE: a store where you can spend the points you earn using the app on new features! This store will NEVER require actual payments with actual money, just points earned from doing breathing exercises.