These are my mobile apps, many of which were made before I started university.

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I have released 5 different iOS apps since I started out in the summer of 2016.

Weather Centre 10 Day Forecast


My latest app takes its name from the similarity between the app interface, which is made up of translucent black rounded rectangles, and the new iOS 11 Control Centre. Unlike Control Centre, WCForecast’s interface does not make the background blurry when it appears. This makes it easier to see the background images, which depict a different sky depending on the weather.

Bunny Mindfulness

Bunny Mindfulness is my latest release, and probably my best! This app is designed to teach children mindfulness meditation, simply by demonstrating how kids can control their breathing by copying an animated bunny. There are settings to change how long each breath will be, how loud the in-app sounds are, and to get further help if needed. There is a store where you can spend the points you earn on fun features like a custom sky colour, or temporary boosts like the Double Points boost. The store does not require an internet connection or any in-app purchases, although new store items are added in subsequent app updates.

Photo Calculator

This calculator app allows you to choose from 9 different preset photo themes, and the ability to create custom themes using your camera or photo library is coming soon.

Custom Alarm Clock

I thought it would be great to bring the customisation I had already brought to my other apps to a brand new alarm clock. This app allows you to choose from over 20 fonts, 5 alarms, and 10 original alert sounds. Like the previous apps, there are 9 preset colour themes with the ability to create 3 custom themes of your own. In the latest version users have the ability to create colour shifting themes. These themes change from one colour to another in a set duration between 1 second and 24 hours.

Colour Calculator

My second release was a simple calculator that comes with 9 preset colour themes, and provides you with the ability to create up to 9 custom themes using a colour picker. Other than the customisation options, the calculator has all the features you’d expect: positive and negative numbers, AC, C, plus, minus, multiply, and divide.

Pet Timer

Bunny Timer was my first ever release, and the first of a bundle apps that would come to be known as Pet Timer. Bunny Timer was quickly followed by Dog Timer in August 2016. These Pet Timer apps show you a different cute pet photo every second, as it counts down for the duration you set. They both received a major update for iOS 10 at the beginning of 2017, and I introduced a load of new features. The Cat Timer version was also introduced in 2017. Now all three iOS apps come in a free ad-supported version and a paid and full-featured version. That makes for 6 Pet Timer apps in total!

In June 2017, nearly a year after the first Pet Timer apps were released, Pet Timer became my first Android app. This single, unified app is now available on the Amazon App Store and Google Play.



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