5 Star Review from BestAppsForKids.com (Bunny Mindfulness)

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We are very happy to report a 5 star rating from BestKidsApps.com.

Our overall score was 5 out of 5, but so were our individual scores for all of their categories (Quality, Education, Entertainment, Value and Child-Friendliness).

This is our first ever in-depth review, and we could not be happier that reviewer Sandra Fleming did not have any complaints about the app.

Here are a few of our favourite quotes from the review.

  1. Quality

Bunny Mindfulness is a high quality app that performs like a dream.


Children and adults alike can learn stress management and reduce anxiety by practicing breathing control with Bunny Mindfulness.


The main bunny character is cute, and most children will find the store points-purchasing system to be rewarding and motivating.


Bunny Mindfulness costs just ninety-nine cents in the App Store, which is excellent value.

Child friendly

This app is very child-friendly.

Read the full review at BestAppsForKids.com now!

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