Game Projects

Matrix Times

iOS App Demonstrating Matrix Transformations (Solo Project)

A couple of days ago I decided that a good way to show my maths for graphics skills would be to produce an app that allows graphing of polygons. This wouldn’t be possible without understanding how to measure the size of the screen, and to control the drawing of points, lines and fills. So far I haven’t added the transformation matrices, but that won’t actually be as difficult as what I’ve done so far.

Read more about this app and see some code snippets on my developer blog.


2nd Semester Group Project

This was my first group project on my Computer Science For Games course. I used Unity and C#, with 3D models made by students on the Games Design course. I was responsible for the asteroid mechanics, which replicated the physics of space by continuing without resistance, bouncing off one another until their energy is fully transferred. I was also responsible for the firing of lasers, and the trail renderers which made it easier to see the direction of travel for the ships.

Watch the demo video below:


Here is the GameController class which I created for the project. It’s a complicated class, but I found that there were too many separate controller classes that needed to reference each other to an extent that was ultimately more complicated.



1st Semester Solo Project

This was my first game project on my Computer Science For Games course. I used GameMaker, with 2D sprites made in GIMP and animations from Adobe Animate. The splash screen was made using Paint 3D. We made the game with GameMaker because at this stage in the course, many people did not know how to code. I had already released iOS and Android apps using C# and Xamarin, so I felt pretty restricted by using ‘code blocks’ and not being able to see exactly what was happening in the background.